We know each horse by name, sight, and personality and check on each multiple times daily.

From early winter through early spring, we feed local hay every day, sectioning off square bales to each individual horse where they stand. Round bales are placed throughout the fields as supplemental feed. We blanket select older or at-risk horses, in consultation with our vets.

Shade is provided through two large barns and numerous run-ins. We have many forests, as well. We clean the barns three to four times per day during the warmer months, when the horses choose to use them.

In addition to our many natural water sources, we fill troughs throughout the year. We keep salt blocks at each barn.

We have several highly-respected veterinarians that inspect our horses throughout the year, and more excellent vets on-call should the need arise. Access to such expertise is a virtue of residing in a locale treasured for its horses and horsemanship.